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What is a Nuclear Stress Test?
A nuclear stress test lets the doctor see how well blood flows through the heart and arteries while resting and then during physical exertion. This test can give information about the size of the heart's chambers, how well the heart is pumping blood and whether the heart has any muscle damaged. Nuclear stress tests can also give doctors information about a patient's arteries and whether they might be narrowed or blocked due to coronary artery disease.

What is a CT Angio?
Cardiac CTA, also known as Coronary CT Angiography, is a fast, non-invasive outpatient exam. A Coronary CTA is a heart-imaging test to determine if either fatty deposits or calcium deposits have built up in the coronary arteries, which supply blood to the heart muscle. It is the only non-invasive diagnostic test that detects calcified and more importantly, non-calcified (soft or vulnerable) plaques. It is these soft plaques that are more likely to cause heart attacks and sudden death.

What is a Calcium Score?
Calcium Scoring is another CT test that is able to determine calcium deposits in the coronary arteries without the use of contrast and is a great screening tool to determine your risk for cardiac disease. You are able to get your score in a matter of minutes.


PDF Document Downloads

Having Testing at Cardiovascular Institute
Nuclear Test - Patient Instructions
Nuclear Test - Medication List to be withheld Prior to Nuclear Test
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Heart Related Illnesses & Conditions
A Patient's Guide - Living with Heart Failure
A Patient's Guide High Blood Pressure
Understanding Peripheral Artery Disease of the Lower Extremities
A Patient's Guide to Understanding Atrial Fibrillation

Hospital Procedures
Pacemaker Implantation


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